Google’s New Page Re-Writing patent

The future is bright, the future isn’t Orange (as the advert says). The future is YOU viewing documents as GOOGLE wants you to view them after having rewritten the content to suit themselves.

A recent patent application buy Google  does just this. In short it is

A method of enhancing document browsing comprising:receiving personal information relating to a user;generating descriptive information based on a content of a first document and the personal information;identifying an additional document based on the descriptive information; and generating a second document that includes at least a portion of the content of the first document and including references to the additional documents.

Or in layman’s terms, they can grab a page, rewrite it to insert LINKS (paid adverts or otherwise) before you get to see it. In short, Google will ride roughshod over the advertising exclusivity agreements advertisers might have, or even WORSE would place advertising links to the COMPETITORS of the site owners!

This is not good, it is very not good, and the old ‘Don’t be Evil’ is becoming quite a joke of late.

6 Responses to “Google’s New Page Re-Writing patent”

  1. Old Welsh Guy

    Oh they will use it, VERY doubtfull they will use it to the extreme I have suggested though 🙂

    My guess is that google will add rich media links and links to various ‘authority’ sites and more likely paid adverts.

    The downside then is how would you stop competitors ads showing on your site, and how do you counter traffic loss due to the increased links taking the visitor away from your site.

  2. They’re already doing this kind of thing in GMail, targeting links/ads with the very content in mails etc…
    Mobile will be the next huge thing for ads, then there is the tv aspect that was being looked into.

    I’m happy in the fact that one day my time on this planet will end lol 😉 It can’t be any worse in hell lol 😉

  3. Old Welsh Guy

    Yes kev, it will end, and when it does, the last thing you will see as you look at the heart monitor screen will be a Google Contextual ad promoting discount funerals 🙂

    @Eagle, I honestly think we will see litigation sometime soon, although, knowing how Google operate, they will probably come up with some way of ensuring they do not run their system of big brand sites.

  4. Heheh, yea I know what you mean OWG, it’s almost like an epidemic or plague 😉 Still, can’t be any more annoying than that G0 Compare Singer lol 😉