What is going on at Google?

Odd goings on in the SERPS and various data-centres are leading to some pretty wild speculation around the forums. It all started about 2 weeks or so ago when some pretty wild fluctuations were seen in the rankings. Sites jumped up for competitive phrases, while other sites just disappeared. I have to report that my own and my client sites were those who benefited (which is always nice to report).

Then over the weekend went out the cry of ‘PageRank update’ yippee cried some with any luck I can get another step on the dumbass greenbar and charge people more for my page rank , (oops I mean ‘charge people more for high value advertising real estate and pick your own anchor text but it is nothing to do with link mongering, and of course I would never use the nofollow tag) 😉

PR update was the order of the day. THEN things started happening, whispers in the night!


No this was not an ageing hippies convention they were referring to the fact that digg.com was showing a PR ZERO on many datacentres. But digg.com is the darling of the web, say it isn’t so 🙁

Then came the rumours, has Google broken the toolbar PR?  is pr reporting the latest SEO tool to go the way of site: link: etc ? it makes sense to this old Welsh bloke that Google should disable toolbar PR as it serves no purpose. For those who don’t know let me explain.  Google has 2 sets of PR

1. Toolbar pr which is a simple snapshot value gathered periodically, and has absolutely no part in the ranking process whatsoever.

2. Server side PR. THIS is the PR value that integrates with the indexing and ranking algorithms. This value is in a constant state of flux as pages are indexed, or de-indexed during the daily cycle that is google everflux.

Google has created this monster called PageRank, and like Frankensteins monster before it, this monster has turned ugly. In the early days, people linked to sites because they were a good resource that complimented their own page/site. Then people got the PR bug, and suddenly ‘link to anything with a long green bar’ is the order of the day. Sell high pr links searchking  is en vogue and people pay big bucks for high PR links so they in turn can create more High pr Pages to sell links on, and these high PR links eventually find their ways to made for AdSense pages (another thorn in the side of the web).

 So the question remains, what exactly IS going on at Google, and is everything coming up roses at the plex (or is that just Matts house) ? 🙂

3 Responses to “What is going on at Google?”

  1. Google’s like an ol’ Essex tart on a regular Saturday night, e.g. well and truly ***ked. The only difference is that Google isn’t bleating about what’s been going on. This is cause for concern …

    Are Google still making money? Yes!
    Do they give a toss? No (well, not publicly, eh Matt?)

    So why should they say anything? They don’t have too. It might be a policy of zero information … Matt might have been told to keep schtum. If he does come back, what could he possibly say that would satisfy our questions? The only time he’ll be back, blowing his trumpet, is when it’s recovered. Either that, or to announce his retirement.

    All of this is so much speculation that I’m actually bored of it all. I never usually post about things lso this says a lot.

    It will all come out in the wash ….. I think.

    It just makes no sense at the moment and everyone is just as frustrated as the next web marketer.

    Sort it out Google, it’s been too long and frankly I’m getting bored with it!

  2. You’re a bit behind the times, the real matt cutts posted last saturday! Get with the program. And yeah, Google’s FUBAR