Google Release new Spam reporting facility

Google have really started pushing the boat out today. Hot on the heels of their force page re-index , service they have launched the biggest shake up in manual snitching on your mates… oops I mean Spam reporting that we have seen pretty much since Google kicked off. The new spam reporting page allows and […]

Google Loses out as Bing Partners with Baidu

According to Reuters, Baidu the Chinese search engine has partnered with Bing to provide english language search to China.  Baidu has pretty much the entire search market in China, and with google falling out and refusing to censor search results, Baidu has selected Bing to provide english language search. Essentially what this does is push […]

Google Realtime Disappears as Twitter deal comes to an end

Not sure if you have noticed but the Google ‘realtime’ tab (and entire facility) has been removed from google worldwide.. This is the end of the integration of realtime results within the SERP’s also,  all brought about due to their contract with Twitter having come to an end.  Now the general feeling is that Google […]