Basic Search Engine Optimisation Part3

Well I was going to  answer some questions today, but due to the many emails I received, I am continuing with another section of the basic guide to SEO. I am now glad that I set up this blog, as had I not, then I doubt this article (well it is an ebook really) would […]

Basic Search Engine Optimisation Part2

In part 2 we follow on with the basics of design as part of optimising your site. In Part 1 we ended with the following list and explanation:- Look Feel Speed Navigation Focus Although the above are really design considerations,  design is one of the keys to good rankings and having a successful website. With […]

Basic Search Engine Optimisation Part1

First off let me say that no Search Engine Optimisation company can guarantee you top rankings in organic search results (SERPS). As such please don’t think that this is a blue print for SEO top rankings, it isn’t, what it IS, is a paper to help you understand the methodology that will set you on the road […]

I Need Better Rankings

Name: Hugh Site: Question: What can I do to move up Google on searches like “school tours” or “school tour”? Old Welsh Guy Says: Hi Hugh (good Welsh name) Well Firstly, and odd as it may seem, are you sure that those are the phrases you need to rank for? Here are some search […]

Adwords Advertising and Organic results.

Name:  Peter D Site: Another anonymous unfortunately but it is a UK site Question: I have been told that advertising with AdWords will affect your position in the normal listings, is this true? Answer: Oh this old chestnut Peter. Well there are those who will swear blind that their rankings have suffered since starting Google […]