SEO 101 the basic first steps in a 2 minute read.

Thanks to a question asked on a Facebook group I have created this quick SEO 101 in a nutshell post. The key to success in Search engine optimisation (SEO) is to deliver to search engines and people content that fulfils their search intent (The reason they carried out a search) E.G. Someone searching for ‘mountain […]

Link Building Penguin Too Much, Too Fast, Too Often?

This topic came up on UKBusiness Forums, I started writing the post and realised it is a good blog post so here it is:-   Q: I have no idea what google means by too many, too much, too often etc. There is the problem! A: <crouches down and whispers> Shall I let you into […]

Don’t Lose Your Business Through Poor Admin

I post on a few forums, and this week came across  a real sad case.  I will keep it deliberately vague as I don’t want to identify anyone or anything. A company that had been trading for over 20 years woke up to find their website down. they chased their supplier who told them he […]