The Great Google Cache Date Mystery.

It appears that something is up with Google and their cache reporting.  A lot of pages seem to have  cache dates of August 12 or there abouts, sites that were previously cached regularly are reporting that they have not been cached. So the questions now are :- Is it the cache date reporting that is […]

Google’s New Page Re-Writing patent

The future is bright, the future isn’t Orange (as the advert says). The future is YOU viewing documents as GOOGLE wants you to view them after having rewritten the content to suit themselves. A recent patent application buy Google  does just this. In short it is A method of enhancing document browsing comprising:receiving personal information […]

Google Waves Goodbye

Yep, according to Techcrunch  Google is to stop all development on Google wave! Well this  Old Welsh Guy has to say that maybe the reason for the almost total rejection by all but devout googlites or geeks was that we simply didn’t like the way it suddenly appeared in our private parts (ooer missus) without […]

Google to Provide SEO Services

So Google have finally thrown away any sense of fair play they might have kept, and are now looking to allow people to pay them for top natural listings! It is a sad day for consumer rights, as those with the deepest pockets, look set to buy the top spots without the average guy on the street knowing.