Google Website Optimiser launched.

Google have today as reported by mediapost, launched in open Beta their website optimiser software, that is designed to help you convert your PPC traffic at the highest possible level by making it simple to test different landing pages, and deliver the one which converts best, thereby giving you more bang for the buck or […]

Google Billboards, Online Offline advertising…..

How nuts is this then? Not content with radio and print ads, Google is now having a go at (what to me was always the logical step) HYBRID advertising! Google has filed a patent that will allow see them build kiosks and other such units to allow them to interactively  advertise LOCAL products and services. […]

PR ZERO but don’t worry

Many people have been running around screaming ‘woe is me, I am undone’ and ‘My poor family how will I live with the shame of telling them I have been PR Zeroed by Google?” WHY is this Old Welsh Guy’ I hear you ask, and a damn fine question it is as well 🙂 For […]

New Web Marketing Blog for the UK!

Back in work now, Christmas is over (i went to an Epiphany service today in church and the carols seemes SOOOO last year so it must be 😉 ) Work is here, 2006 has gone, 2007 is here, and to mark the occasion my good friend Matt has finally launched a blog (no doubt a new […]