Google Caffeine will it keep you up all night?

The big buzz around the SEO world is Google Caffiene! Is it new, is it different, is it better is it worse, is it knee jerk reaction to Microhoo Bing .  On the webmaster central blog, Google  Software Engineer Sitaram Iyer and Senior Software Engineer Matt (I love cats I do ) Cutts wrote  :- […]

Google is spidering the wrong domain

Q: (privacy requested for obvious reasons)  Hi OWG, for some odd reason, Google has suddenly started spidering our site under the wrong domain name. The home page and a couple of others have been spidered under while the rest are under the original domain of We really are at a loss as to […] gets a well over due makeover

At long last the site has had a  makeover. It was about time as it had been a few years and i thought it was looking like smelly pants. Any comments appreciated as well as any glitches or brain farts the site might have! I intend posting a bit more, and getting back to the […]