No News is Good News

Lots has been happening in the last week, with some meaty changes and happenings in search. I have also been pulling together some of the questions that visitors have sent me, so if your one of them then expect an answer to it over the next day or two. I can answer one or two […]

Basic Search Engine Optimisation Part4

So far we have covered the basics, set out our stall, and began the process of keyword research. Today we roll our sleeves up and lay the foundationsĀ for a successful website. OK, you now have a list of words that are relevant to your industry If you have used word tracker overture etc you will […]

Google Makes significant UK bias shift

I received a telephone call today from an overjoyed client who was telling me that all the hard work had paid off and his site was number 1 for the money phrase. I checked, and indeed on on a worldwide search, their site is number one! Happy days. Simply accepting it is not good […]

Have a Heart – Sponsor a Right Nutter to Run.

If like me you are the sort of person who need a roundtooit, then please read on. What is a roundtooit? I hear you ask. Well a roundtooit is in fact what we need to get things done. The wife asks you to do something, and the standard reply is ‘I’ll get a roundtooit! šŸ˜€ […]

Basic Search Engine Optimisation Part3

Well I was going toĀ  answer some questions today, but due to the many emails I received, I am continuing with another section of the basic guide to SEO. I am now glad that I set up this blog, as had I not, then I doubt this article (well it is an ebook really) would […]