Get the Google Expert Working for You.

If you have a problem you want advice on then ask me, just drop me an email or complete the contact form, or even call me on 01639 710 132 Old Welsh guy IS The Google Expert As someone who has been around longer than Google, I know a fair bit, and have solved the […]

Google and Doorway Pages A Page for Each Area

Call them what you like, Doorway pages, Gateway Pages, even Zebra Pages, Google has never liked them. In the past Google has treated these as pages that are built, but have sneaky redirects in them, then they moved the goalposts of definition slightly, and now we have a clear statement from Google¬†not to use them, […]

Linking From Your Homepage To Your Homepage, is it Bad?

An Interesting post on Search Engine Roundtable references the possibility that Google is using self page linking as a spam signal where Keyword rich anchor text is used. In case you are not sure what this means, let me explain. Let’s say you have a site about blue widgets, and in your homepage content you […]

Google Page Layout Factor Introduced Into the Algorithm

Announced a few hours ago on the Google inside Search Blog link to PDF was this little beauty of page layout analysis being part of the quality score within the ranking algorithm. What does this mean in reality? Many years ago back in 2004, Microsoft created an algorithm that scored links based on their location, […]

Google Realtime Search Engine

A while ago I made a post about crap Google results full of twitter and the like and good old Goog listened to me … Well me and most of their user base really, and moved away from it. ¬† Well here we are with Google realtime, a real time search engine. Not exactly todays […]