Google Blocks Supplemental Pages from the SERP’s

Well it appears as if all the ‘don’t worry about your pages being in the Supplemental index, it will not hurt them’ message that google has been sending out, no longer applies. Try this test for yourself

Google and the missing L

OK much has been made of Google messing up their valentines logo  Lots of people are saying the green stalk is the L etc, .   Well it saddens me to see that you lot are  so bitter twisted and cold hearted that you don’t pick up on pet name. Snookey bear, choochey, cuddle bum. […]

Adsense MAJOR change in T&C

OK this is not exactly new news, but it appears that this MAJOR LEAGUE news slipped below the radar, and it could have a devastating effect on AdSense publishers who are not aware. Thousands of people will be reading forum threads about using images placed alongside AdSense, many threads will even include emails from Google […]


Well folks it sems like DMOZ has gone forever! A post on Rich Skrentas blog (founder of DMOZ) says Apparently the machine holding dmoz in AOL ops crashed. Standard backups had been discontinued for some reason; during unsuccessful attempts to restore some of the lost data, ops blew away the rest of the existing data on […]

Danny Sullivan’s Goodbye Speech

Danny Sullivan yesterday wrote his final post on Search engine watch. It is of course his goodbye speach, but it was not goodbye and thanks for all the fish, indeed it was upbeat, and is a tribute the professionalism that Danny has. read it here Danny’s goodbye speech