Google’s New Page Re-Writing patent

The future is bright, the future isn’t Orange (as the advert says). The future is YOU viewing documents as GOOGLE wants you to view them after having rewritten the content to suit themselves. A recent patent application buy Google  does just this. In short it is A method of enhancing document browsing comprising:receiving personal information […]

Decaffeinated Google, the End of the Caffeine Trial

So the great new Google search engine update trial is over, and we can look forward to getting shiny new results that bounce better than a bouncy thing (for a while anyhow) Announced by Google on their Sandbox which has been up for a number of months now. Thank you! We appreciate all the feedback […] gets a well over due makeover

At long last the site has had a  makeover. It was about time as it had been a few years and i thought it was looking like smelly pants. Any comments appreciated as well as any glitches or brain farts the site might have! I intend posting a bit more, and getting back to the […]

Why is Google Adwords PPC Costing So much?

This is the question that is asked time after time in forums across the world. Unfortunately it is a case of ‘when all else fails, read the user manual’. An old adage sure, but it is true. It is amazing how many people throw words into a list, write an advert, and set it running. […]