Danny Sullivan’s Goodbye Speech

Danny Sullivan yesterday wrote his final post on Search engine watch. It is of course his goodbye speach, but it was not goodbye and thanks for all the fish, indeed it was upbeat, and is a tribute the professionalism that Danny has. read it here Danny’s goodbye speech

SEO Tools Reviewed

Lately I am getting a lot of emails about SEO tools, bought, free online and offline. Questions range from “is this worth the money” to “will this get me to number 1 on Google”. This has brought me to the conclusion that I should add a product and services review on this blog, and also […]

How do you know if a site is relevent when link building?

This is a response to a question about relevance and trustrank. Hope you like it!  Relevance and trustrank are different things. To appreciate them you have to step back! Trust rank is a system that shores up the original back rub aglorithm. Links are STILL a good way to work out how important a site […]

Is Page Rank Important

Recently there has been a pagerank (PR) update in the Google index. so, I thought now would be a good time to blog about PR and its importance. OK firstly what does this PR update actually mean, and will it have an effect on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s)? Well what it means is […]

Google and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

Is Google raising the LSI element in the algo? I have thought for a while now that Google is using some sort of semantic element in their algorithm, but now I think it has been increased. LSI will totally turn on its head the importance of on topic linking, and a lot of the sites […]