What is Professional SEO?

This is a common question, and one that is asked across forums day and night. My reply would be that SEO is personal to everyone as there is no real carved in stone definition of it, with even the wiki definition of SEO being an opinion.┬á I would say that the key is in the […]

Multi Language Optimisation

Recently I have been getting a lot of emails asking about the merits of so called multilanguage optimisation. These are normally from so called ‘SEO’s’ who offer this service for anything from $200-500 per language. Is it worth it OWG I get asked. Well the answer is NO… and YES ­čÖé Is it worth having […]

Google Sign a Deal with Clear for Radio ads

Google Move further into offline advertising with a deal for an undisclosed amount with Clear Channel Communications, the largest radio advertising company in the US. (reported by the New York Times today) Now we all know that google are pushing further and further into areas that are seen as …

UK Adsense Alternative Announced.

At long LONG last, an alternative to Google AdSense has been released for publishers in the UK by Miva. While US publishers have had the Yahoo Publishers Network available for some time, we in the UK have had nothing, nil, Nada, zip, zilch. NOW that has all changed thanks to.

Adsense ads by ‘G’

I noticed this just yesterday. Where we normally get the ‘ads by Google’ text it was not there, it had besn replaced by ‘Ads by G’ the ‘G’ being a graphic ? OK it is not landmark stuff, but I am curious to see if anyone else noticed this? and, more importantly WHY? Are google […]