Oldwelshguy.co.uk gets a well over due makeover

At long last the site has had a  makeover. It was about time as it had been a few years and i thought it was looking like smelly pants. Any comments appreciated as well as any glitches or brain farts the site might have! I intend posting a bit more, and getting back to the […]

Google Chrome Operating System for Notebooks.

So here they go again, first it was search advertising, then it was printed, then it was billboards, then it was a browser, now they have made the logical step, and announced on the official google blog that they will be releasing an operating system to work hand in hand with Chrome browser, but aimed […]

Google Keywords Generator Changes

Just noticed this morning that Google has made a subtle change to the headings in the keyword external tool.  (Showing in the UK on UK based search data)

Don’t Lose Your Business Through Poor Admin

I post on a few forums, and this week came across  a real sad case.  I will keep it deliberately vague as I don’t want to identify anyone or anything. A company that had been trading for over 20 years woke up to find their website down. they chased their supplier who told them he […]

Google goings on.

Lots of things going on with Google at the moment. 1. Google earth street view has launched in the UK.  2. Google mail (GMail.com) went down again for the second time this month 3. Google keyword tool went nuts, showing all sorts of results due to a ‘glitch’ 4. I have seen more instances of […]