Why is Google Adwords PPC Costing So much?

This is the question that is asked time after time in forums across the world. Unfortunately it is a case of ‘when all else fails, read the user manual’. An old adage sure, but it is true. It is amazing how many people throw words into a list, write an advert, and set it running. […]

Google Displays Search Volumes

FINALLY, Google has seen the light, and moved to displaying search volumes on its keyword Research Tool. Gone are the days of guessing, now it is easy to know exactly what you are bidding on and this applies to Organic traffic as well! Well done Google

Can Google Find My paid Links?

Back to the original purpose of this blog, to answer Questions.  and the question is ” how can Google identify bought links?” for obvious reasons the guy who asked the question didn’t want to be linked to (I wonder why) How can Google tell if a link is a vote or bought? The simple answer is […]

The Special Relationship With Google a New Approach to Selling Top Listings

WHY do people and companies decide to risk jail by using statements like “we have a special relationship with Google” ? Google doesn’t position is own rankings (much), so to claim it does, and with some new company working from above a shoe shop in some backwater town, is ridiculous in the extreme.  One of […]