Google getting 10 times more search than nearest rival in the UK

According to stats released over the last few days, Google has STORMED ahead in its share of the UK market. If searching in the US is known as googling, then in the UK search IS Google. Google is now BY FAR the biggest, in fact TEN TIMES BIGGER than its closest rivals in terms of […]

Get rid of the DMOZ description in Google NOW

At Long last Google have decided to give webmasters the option of not using the ODP titles and description. In a blog post at the official Google site-maps blog Vanessa Fox¬†a Google engineer said:~ “One source we use to generate snippets is the Open Directory Project, or ODP. Some site owners want to be to […]

Google Landing Page Quality Score Update

About a week ago, Google started to roll out an update to their PPC quality score algorithm. That’s right I said ‘update’ not introduced the thing in its entirety. The Google quality Score system has been around for a while now. August 2005 to be precise, when it was announced that the following would affect […]

What is going on at Google?

Odd goings on in the SERPS and various data-centres are leading to some pretty wild speculation around the forums. It all started about 2 weeks or so ago when some pretty wild fluctuations were seen in the rankings. Sites jumped up for competitive phrases, while other sites just disappeared. I have to report that my […]

How to Identify a Bad Neighbourhood

Firstly, some of you might be asking, “what is a bad neighbourhood”? When you link to a site from your own, it is the online equivalent of recommending a business to a friend. If they turn out to give a bad service then YOU catch it in the neck from your friend, and your reputation […]