Memories of Our Childhoods

I thought I would post this, as it was a question asked in Aardvark business forum that really warmed my heart. The question was simple, do you have any enduring memories from when we were children? Here are my thoughts. Please add yours in the comments if you like. I remember once being sent to see […]

Google releases Spreadsheets MicroOogleHoo

Well today Google is launching its latest in a long line of online real estate pages.. Oh sorry I mean do no evil useful web applications 🙂 Google Spreadsheets, you can request to become one of the first here . Personally I will not be using it, as I like the old software on my desktop […]

Service is Service Wherever You Are

Yesterday I went shopping, while in Asda (Wallmart for you Murcans) I couldn’t find a product I was looking for, so I asked. The assistant was fine, she said ‘certainly sir follow me’. I was then led half the length of the store and taken to the exact spot where the range I was looking […]

How Many Words per Article?

I was Moderating over at Highrankings earlier today, when the above question was asked. I gave the standard reply of  as many as it takes but keep it to readable chunks. I was then asked what a readable chunk is defined as! What is a readable chunk? I would say that it is a section that […]

Google Converts Spammers

At LONG last, Google has worked out a drum that I have been banging for a long time now. You can NOT fiddle outbound links! In his blog Matt Cutts has posted how a change to the algorithm has altered rankings and crawling dramatically, and how your outbound links can affect how your viewed. WELL HELLO […]