What is going on at Google?

Odd goings on in the SERPS and various data-centres are leading to some pretty wild speculation around the forums. It all started about 2 weeks or so ago when some pretty wild fluctuations were seen in the rankings. Sites jumped up for competitive phrases, while other sites just disappeared. I have to report that my […]

How to Identify a Bad Neighbourhood

Firstly, some of you might be asking, “what is a bad neighbourhood”? When you link to a site from your own, it is the online equivalent of recommending a business to a friend. If they turn out to give a bad service then YOU catch it in the neck from your friend, and your reputation […]

Memories of Our Childhoods

I thought I would post this, as it was a question asked in Aardvark business forum that really warmed my heart. The question was simple, do you have any enduring memories from when we were children? Here are my thoughts. Please add yours in the comments if you like. I remember once being sent to see […]

Google releases Spreadsheets MicroOogleHoo

Well today Google is launching its latest in a long line of online real estate pages.. Oh sorry I mean do no evil useful web applications 🙂 Google Spreadsheets, you can request to become one of the first here http://www.google.com/googlespreadsheets/try_out.html . Personally I will not be using it, as I like the old software on my desktop […]

Service is Service Wherever You Are

Yesterday I went shopping, while in Asda (Wallmart for you Murcans) I couldn’t find a product I was looking for, so I asked. The assistant was fine, she said ‘certainly sir follow me’. I was then led half the length of the store and taken to the exact spot where the range I was looking […]